Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random thoughts

I've gotten plenty of email this past week on why I've not made any comments on various subjects. Well, a lot has happened in the news so I guess I'll comment on some of it.

I gave my opinion on the Alex Rodriguez steroids admission and the media wasn't satisfied with his statement. They got their wish and on the first day of spring training a big press conference was scheduled. He answered the questions but in the end nobody believed a word he said. I think the media would only be satisfied if he had injected himself right there. What do they want from the guy? I will no longer comment on this issue as all that can be done is to stop from here on out. If anybody gets caught now they're stupid, and then I'll write about being stupid.

Speaking of stupid, rap/hip hop star Chris Brown "allegedly" beating up his girlfriend fellow music star Rihanna. First off, why is he beating up a woman? This supposedly perfect 19 year old boy (real men don't beat women), according to his family, would never do this. Guess what kids? He's just another piece of garbage who doesn't deserve a girlfriend in the first place. Secondly, he's just 19 with money and a great career (I wouldn't know his songs to save my life) ahead of him and he may have ruined it by his cowardice. He of course has apologized, yawn, and is vowing to get help. As for Rihanna, rumors are that this abuse has been happening awhile. I understand, from reading, that women can have problems escaping these abusive relationships mostly due to fear for their lives. Was this her reason for staying? I don't know. Because they are celebrities we hear about this story. I have no say in their or anybody elses lives yet here I am commenting on it. Rihanna dump his sorry weak integrity ass and get a real man. I write this today and saw this blurb earlier, against her family and friend's wishes Rihanna has moved back in with Chris Brown. OJ, make room company is coming.

Drew Peterson's on again, off again, on again, off again, on again, off again engagement is on again. I say we all crash the wedding this summer. Who's in?

Roland Burris looked in a mirror and saw Rod Blagojevich. When does his achievements tour kickoff?

The stimulus bill is signed, $795bb. Foreclosure plan enacted, $75bb. Living in the USA, priceless.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maybe America is lazy and proud of it

This was in the Chicago Tribune this morning:

Which is the lesser corporate evil: to lay off more workers or save those jobs by cutting everyone's salary?

It's a question that's starting to pop up in management meetings as executives struggle to protect the bottom line during bad times. With companies slashing tens of thousands of jobs, a growing number now are trimming the paychecks of those left in place, with the cuts sometimes totaling 5 percent to 10 percent.

Few, though, have gone as far as Acco Brands Corp. of Lincolnshire to employ what it sees as a job-saving, morale-salvaging strategy.

The company, which supplies office products to such retailers as Office Depot Inc., told its U.S. employees Monday that it would impose a 47 percent pay cut for six weeks, beginning Feb. 23. After that time they would go to 80% of their pay.

As many websites do they had a poll and asked would you rather take a cut or be laid off? To my astonishment 62% said they'd take a layoff.

The story went on to explain the pros and cons which made sense either way. What I see in these unscientific results is an attitude of laziness by the American workforce. Time off for 6-8 months with pay, albeit at half pay, to just sit around and sleep, eat, play and bitch at the government because they have no job.

I offered the company I was doing work for to work for half my pay. I figured half is better than nothing.

Do people have any work ethics, pride, or integrity anymore? 7.7 million people have no jobs, no income of any kind and 62% are saying they're insulted by pay cuts and they'd rather be let go. Maybe I'm dumb, hold your comments, but the idea of having a job, being productive, contributing to society, and having self worth sure seems a lot better than being lazy for 6-8 months.

Maybe it's time to put a stipulation on unemployment benefits. If one is collecting benefits they must do at least 10 hours of community service a week.. There are so many things that could be for done kids, seniors, hospitals, parks and the environment. The government helps you and you help your fellow American.

Who am I kidding, people are probably too lazy to read this blog.