Thursday, September 13, 2007

King George to speak.

Ok, I know we're supposed to respect our president. If I actually met him I wouldn't say anything bad to him.
But this guy is the biggest idiot as president ever. Tonight he will address our great nation. I'll be watching college football.
Mr. Bush please resign tonight and take Cheney with you. Before you leave pull all the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. They're all adults there let them figure out their own problems. You ruined their lives and the lives of 3200 dead troops family's lives. Help us all please!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New title

I did a check through Google and apparently millions of others also have a Voice of Reason. Well, I can't be like them.
So I have all ready changed my blog title after four days. Deep down it really is my words so hence, "My say and more."

15 beers too many.

I do not advocate drunk driving by any means. Many people drive after having one or two drinks, this is a discussion for another time, but how could Mr. Ortiz even walk after 10 beers let alone 24? Didn't the clerk at the liquor store detect anything? Worse yet, how drunk were his passengers?

A Southwest Side man admitted he drank 24 beers and had picked up another six-pack before a weekend crash that killed a top official with the Cook County sheriff's office, prosecutors said in court today.Leonel Ortiz, 27, of the 5800 block of South Albany Avenue is charged with felony reckless homicide and aggravated driving under the influence in the crash Sunday that killed Sheriff's Supt. Minerva Santiago, authorities said.
Ortiz also was cited with driving on a suspended license and disobeying a red light, police said.Ortiz said in a videotaped statement to authorities that he had attended several parties Saturday night and early Sunday and consumed as many as 24 beers before getting into his Chevrolet Blazer with friends and driving to get more alcohol, prosecutors said during a bond hearing this afternoon.
After picking up another six-pack, Ortiz drank two more beers while driving his friends back to a female friend's house, prosecutors said. He dropped them off and about 10 a.m. was driving south on Western Avenue when he ran a red light and slammed into the driver's side of Santiago's Nissan Murano, which was traveling east on 31st Street, prosecutors said. Santiago was on her way to church at the time.

Today's ramble.

As I'm beginning my workday I get an email from my brother:
Here's a reminder. Please comment I would love to hear your comments.

All I could think was, can he hear people's written comments? Perhaps he wants people to leave voice comments. But there is no option for us to do that. Does he have a super power that I don't?

Now I must go back to work.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Work and the blogger. Bears thought..

Having a real job and trying to keep a blog up to date could be troublesome.

Anyway, the Bears game on Sunday still bugs me. Rex wasn't really the big problem. Offensive coordinator and Cedric Benson were. Mr. Turner get a clue. A 350 pound defensive tackle is in front of your offense, yet on 4th and 2 yards to a first down you run the bewildered Benson right at the man. How about a sweep? Maybe a surprise pass? No, you're still thinking 1960's football. It's 2007.

Mike Brown, all I can say is sorry man. Time for coaching, IN THE PRESS BOX AWAY FROM THE FIELD!

Baby do it no more times

Ok, the headline is not a good sentence but then again neither was the performance of Britney Spears at the Video Music Awards.

You had a decent career and maybe just got sick of the whole thing. That's fine. Quit performing and just be a mom to to your kids. However, if you still want any respect as a performer you might want to practice a little. A lot of bars have kareoke night. You did little to show you're ready for a comeback. Hit the gym too, you're a little young to be out of shape.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Aaaah football is back

I do not like the Fall and Winter. BUT I LOVE FOOTBALL!

The excitement and atmosphere of the college game and seeing Michigan and Notre Dame both at 0-2 makes the weekend great.

Then on Sundays the NFL. The FOX pregame show, though not what it once was, is the best way to get week of games going.

The anticipation of the Bears' kickoff. This season will have the annoyance that the majority of the Bears games won't start until 3pm or later. I like my noon kickoffs for the Bears. Of course it just never seems right to start drinking before noon anyway.