Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is just a test?

Yesterday a jumbo jet flew circles over New York City. This was the president's back up Air Force One jet and it was accompanied by an F-16 fighter plane. Apparently they were doing a "photo op" getting pictures with the Statue of Liberty, apparently nobody knows how to use Photoshop in Washington.

People in the city obviously were freaking out thinking here go again. Several tall buildings were evacuated as a precaution.

Then when the story came out what had happened people were irate. Mayor Bloomberg was hot and President Obama apologized and said it shouldn't have taken place. Word is he had a heated exchange with the person who approved the operation. I didn't feel like looking up his name.

Here's the thing, was this possibly a disguised drill to test the people? We always did fire and tornado drills in school, why not a terrorist drill?

The NYC police department was notified by the military that this would take place and instructed to not tell anyone, including the mayor. In my opinion drills don't work when you know they're coming.

Judging how people reacted and people leaving buildings, I'd say the drill was a success. Sure it was cruel to scare people but I'm sure those people on 9/11 would have liked a drill.