Saturday, February 7, 2009

No more double standards

The past week we have heard how Jessica Simpson has gotten so fat. When you look at the pictures she has gained weight without question. To say she is fat is ridiculous. She still looks sexy any which way you look at her. If Tony Romo wants to dump her because she's fat she's welcome at my home anytime.

The media chastises women celebrities on their looks daily. It's not fair at all. Women are much too thin and picking on their weight must stop.

I think it's time for the media to start scrutinizing the male celebrities and their weight. First example, Val Kilmer.

This man has turned into a whale and should be ashamed. He must enjoy the buffet table a great deal. Why doesn't the media attack him?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More wasted taxpayer dollars

Plane takes off.
Pilot reports that birds fly into engines.
Engines shut down.
Pilot tells tower he will be landing in Hudson River.
US Airways decides that's $25 extra per passenger.
Plane lands relatively smoothly in river.
Emergency slides deploy, $15 fee.
Passengers and crew escape virtually unharmed.
Everybody on the wings, $10 extra, waiting for rescue boats.
Plane is towed to a dock, $10 fee.
Eventually the plane is moved to a harbor/hangar for inspection by NTSB.
They find bird remains in both engines as the pilot reported that day.
Black box indicates the same.

Today the NTSB releases tapes from the tower. The NTSB says it will have answers in 12 to 18 months on what happened.

Let me save a lot of money here. Unless these were Al Qaida quail or Taliban turkeys here's what happened. A bunch of birds got sucked into the engines shutting them down forcing the pilot to land in the Hudson River.

He saved 155 passengers and crew on the plane and many more people on the ground in New Jersey.

My question. Why does the NTSB need a year or more to figure out what happened? This seems like another waste of money.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time for a laugh

This kid just had work done on his mouth and still feeling the anasthesia. Reminds me of some nights at the bar.

Obama the babysitter?

WASHINGTON – Call it the maximum wage. President Barack Obama wants to impose a $500,000 pay cap on executives whose firms receive government financial rescue funds, a dramatic intervention into corporate governance in the midst of financial crisis.

The new restrictions, described by an administration official familiar with the new rules, are to be announced Wednesday morning at the White House. The steps set the stage for the administration's unveiling next week of a new framework for spending the money that remains in the $700 billion financial rescue fund.

"If the taxpayers are helping you, then you've got certain responsibilities to not be living high on the hog," President Barack Obama said Tuesday.

The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the plan had not yet been made public, said the most restrictive limits would apply only to struggling large firms that receive "exceptional assistance" in the future. Healthy banks that receive government infusions of capital would have more leeway.

Firms that want to pay executives above the $500,000 threshold would have to compensate them with stock that could not be sold or liquidated until they pay back the government funds, the official said.

I really like this idea. However, it disgusts me that Obama has to be the equivalent of a babysitter or scolding parent to these executives. One would think these people would have the sense to know we're all watching them.

I'd like to know how Bob CEO would feel if he gave $50,000 to a friend from his own savings to help pay off that friend's debt only to see that person blow it on a luxurious trip. This is what's happening here.

In Illinois we just booted our governor, CEO, for his actions. Maybe it's time for corporate America to do the same.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tooth fairy= Lawyer

Jennifer Napolitano got her Dunkin’ Donuts sandwich with a special ingredient: a human tooth.

Napolitano claims in a lawsuit filed Monday she found the tooth inside a breakfast sandwich she purchased at a Dunkin’ Donuts in St. Charles on Feb. 2, 2007.

The 16-count negligence suit claims the defendants failed to have proper procedures for food safety, failed to follow the Illinois Public Health Code, and failed to prevent a human tooth from ending up in a customer’s sandwich.

Napalitano “suffered great pain and aguish, both in mind and body, and in the future continues to suffer,” the suit said.

The sandwich was purchased at a Dunkin Donuts at 1711 W. Maine St. in St. Charles.

I think she's just mad because she put the tooth under her pillow hoping the tooth fairy would stop by. After two years of waiting she realizes the fairy isn't coming. Don't sue Dunkin' Donuts, sue the tooth fairy for destroying your dreams.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dumb or dumber?

I'm surprised these two guys were smart enough to commit a crime.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Helping America Recover

In an effort to help stimulate the economy, especially in Illinois, my brother and I are being capitalists by hawking t-shirts that take advantage of today's news. Buy several please.
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