Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rush has lost it entirely

Rush Limbaugh, the radioactive Republican, has a dare for Barack Obama, the president:

"Debate me.''

Will somebody tell this guy the election is over. Why should Obama debate this gas passer?

I am an official opinion snob

The great thing about America is that we are always free to speak our minds without repercussions such as death, torture, or imprisonment that has been known to happen in other countries around the world.
People can voice their opinions on sports, politics, religion, entertainment, current affairs, etc. (Who was the first lazy writer to use etc. and why those three letters?)

With the internet there are so many forums where a person can leave their opinion. Many online newspapers and magazines have a a comment section at the end of a story to get people's opinions. Millions of everyday people like myself have a blog to show the world they have a voice and want to be heard. There are chat rooms and member forums on virtually every subject. Everybody has an opinion, well maybe not a mime as they never have anything to say.

Since I've had all this extra time the past month I find myself leaving comments/opinions on news stories, blogs, forums, and even Facebook pages of people I don't even know. I always use my name because I want to be heard. No alias or anonymous postings by this man.

In the last week or two, maybe longer, I have really noticed that the vast majority of people leaving their opinions have no clue what they're talking about AT ALL. We all think we're experts on something. I will honestly say I can only consider myself close to being an expert on sports. I'll throw out strong opinions on politics but I couldn't tell a left wing from a chicken wing, maybe it's the same thing.

I have great great respect for people who can convey a message, right or wrong, as long as they provide facts and information. This always helps to stimulate debate and conversation. The visitors to this blog and my brother's have good opinions and even though we yell at each other it has intelligence, well not Cubs fans on baseball.

But lately I'll go to write an opinion on something and the comments tell me not to even bother. Anything pertaining Obama is usually met with, "he's a crook, failure, racist, terrorist, liar or cheater" with no factual info. For some reason 95%, exaggeration, want to kill, maim or just really hurt Octomom. Every single politician is a crook, might be true. Madonna, Angelina, Jessica Simpson are all labelled skanky whore and you can't pay any guy to sleep with them.

My point is this. The saying of opinions are like noses, we all have one is true. Oh wait, not Michael Jackson. I am not going to argue any longer with the stupid morons on the internet. They don't hear anybody anyway. I am officially an opinion snob.