Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Wheelchair Mean"

My brother has his own blog called, "Where I Sit." You can get to it via the link on the right. He writes about things in his life or voices an opinion on something.

Like yesterday he wrote a piece on how he thought Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl was now boring. He also emailed Steve as well to read it. He did and talked about it on hour two of his show of 9/28,

I listened to the 15 minute or so oration by Dahl and couldn't help myself from laughing. It was funny. During his ramble he and Buzz Kilman came up with the term, "Wheelchair Mean." They were going with the premise that disabled people were basically nice people and we should probably treat them the same way. My brother's attack (criticsm) on him according to Dahl was mean, "Wheelchair Mean."

I love the term. However, it should be pointed out to Steve and every other human that disabled people don't want to be treated any different than anybody else. There are without a doubt many people in wheelchairs who are pleasant individuals, cross them and they will get Wheelchair Mean. There are also some in wheelchairs who are just Wheelchair Mean 24/7. They will cut any man, woman, or child a new one at any given moment.

I won't mention any names but there was this couple, both disabled, who got married. A week later the bride got Wheelchair Mean and told her husband she never really loved him and basically just wanted the party. They got divorced.

So just remember not everybody in a wheelchair is a "good" person. Most are nice and want to be treated with respect and equal like everybody else. Postal workers on the rampage gave us the term, "Going Postal." In a sense now those people in wheelchairs on a rampage now have their own term, "Wheelchair Mean." Maybe this is our start towards equality.


Mark Plocharczyk said...

I still contend that I wasn't being mean. Opinionated, yes. Mean, no.

Scott Ploch said...

Comedy go with the bit. The biker guy didn't think you were mean. It wasn't mean, it was Wheelchair Mean.

Mike said...

I just got a patent on the term "Wheelchair Mean". Stay tuned for the book with possible TV series to follow!

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Have you quit blogging?