Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why is it the Second City anyway?

Saturday was one of those rare ocassions when I had a chance to go to the beautiful and exciting downtown Chicago. Wow!

My good friend Lori and I decided to make the trek to the grand city. The day was spectacular weather wise as the hint of Fall was in the air, the sun was bright, skies were blue, and the temperature was cool for me but perfect for her so in all great friendships you compromise. She did spend an evening with me when it was in the 90's so this was fair.

Our journey began with a quick stop at White Castle for friend favorite fish/chicken sandiwich combo. It's two sandwiches but I like the word combo. I think White Castle should do the fish/chicken sandwich combo. It would be a big seller.

On the road now 294 to 55. The closer you get to the city the skyline truly jutted out like some picture on a postcard on this clear day. Sears Tower is quite majestic and just screams, "This is Chicago and welcome to the city."

Then we continue on 55 and there it is, Lake Michigan. Everytime I see this body of water it takes my breath away. If I ever get married this would be a great background for photos especially today with the water so blue. The lake has this calming effect on me. I could stare at it for hours.

Now we are northbound on Lake Shore Drive. I've never been on what some people call the greatest scenic route in the world, Ventura Highway. I can't imagine it being better than the drive. Huge skycrapers and Grant Park on the left, the museum campus and boat docks on the right, people strolling and running and even two guys who looked to be cross country skiing with poles in hand but no skis. Maybe they were lost.

We had so many options of what to do but the cool air was going to limit the driving of my chair especially in the shaded areas. My hands stiffen up in cool air. So we decided on Millenium Park but first Lori would show me many of the fine sights in this grand city. We went hear and there and even over there as we zigged and zagged to our destination.

We arrived to the home of "The Bean." Cloudgate to the arts people. I waited for my friend as she parked my spectacular blue van in the Prudential Building garage thanks to her friend at B-96 FM. Watching the different people walk by is fascinating the varied races and cultures. Of course they stare at a guy in a wheelchair by himself and I just smile and say what a gorgeous day it is. Lori arrives and to the Bean we go. On the way I saw what looked like six girls dressed as Ninja warriors. I'm sure they were just servers for one of the three weddings taking place but Ninja warriors sounds better.

Brides, bridesmaids, grooms, photographers were everywhere. I hope I got in a picture or two. At one point I had to come down a ramp and a bride was at the bottom. If my driving hand froze her wedding was ruined. We all lucked out.

The Bean is interesting. Seeing it in person is much better than on tv. Chill is setting in, cocktail time. To the Park Grill we go. Very nice place, great food, excellent wine and great conversation with my friend. The menu was so mouth watering it took me an hour to choose. Dufus. I went Kobe burger and wow.

So a great day in a great city. I don't understand why they call it the second city. What's better?

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Mark Plocharczyk said...

Crestwood is the 1st city.