Monday, September 10, 2007

Work and the blogger. Bears thought..

Having a real job and trying to keep a blog up to date could be troublesome.

Anyway, the Bears game on Sunday still bugs me. Rex wasn't really the big problem. Offensive coordinator and Cedric Benson were. Mr. Turner get a clue. A 350 pound defensive tackle is in front of your offense, yet on 4th and 2 yards to a first down you run the bewildered Benson right at the man. How about a sweep? Maybe a surprise pass? No, you're still thinking 1960's football. It's 2007.

Mike Brown, all I can say is sorry man. Time for coaching, IN THE PRESS BOX AWAY FROM THE FIELD!

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Mark Ploch said...

Mike Brown is our Gayle Sayers. He will be missed.