Friday, January 23, 2009

His hair must be rooting in his brain

The following excerpt shows that the governor of Illinois Rod Blagjeovich needs an intervention. His lawyer is a good one and he ignores him too. What is going on inside his hair filled head?

Edward Genson, the lead attorney for Gov. Rod Blagojevich, said he intends to withdraw as the governor's lawyer in the criminal case. Genson, who has been practicing law for 44 years, made a brief statement to reporters after a hearing this afternoon in federal court.

"I never require a client to do what I say," he said. "But I do require them to at least listen." "I wish the governor good luck and Godspeed," he added.

Asked about the status of the $500,000 that records show he has been paid from Blagojevich campaign funds, Genson said: "The answer to that is that it's none of your guys' business." Genson would have to file paperwork to formally withdraw from the case.

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Mark Ploch said...

Blago is eventually going to need a good tax lawyer. Spending all that campaign money is eventually going to be taxable income.