Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To love, honor, and kill!

It was revealed yesterday that Drew Peterson's girlfriend\fiancee\love toy\whack job\future dead woman has moved in with him. How sweet. She brought her two kids too. Kodak moment.

This woman probably feels she can change him. Isn't this what most women think when they hook up with a clown like him? Let's see current wife missing. Previous wife murdered. Allegations of abuse by two other wives. Wow dreamy. Drew I can change you she thinks.

Honey (if I met her and called her honey she'd slap me) listen to your family, friends, ME and get out of there now while you can. What future do you see for yourself with him? He has no job, no personality, he'll only be popular when you go missing or are found dead or they find Stacy.

At the very least let the kids go. Why punish them?

I've read theories why gals go for these kind of guys and they're logical. But can't somebody do something to stop her? Tie her up at home, sedate her for six months, anything? Oh wait, that's what Drew will be doing.


Mar said...

I turn my back and she moves in. I told Christina...I says to her..he'll kill ya...you might drown while taking a bath...maybe a bullet will come into the garage while you're in there getting a cool one.

These youngsters today, they just don't listen.

Tara said...

Maybe she will be extra safe- seriously he can't really think he could get away with it AGAIN. On the other hand, he probably does.

Mike said...

Can you say "Reality TV Show"? She makes money and is safe from the bathtub and blue containers. He talks to much and spills the beans. It's all good........

Mark Ploch said...