Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yes Were Open!

Shocking I know, but thanks to George Bush and his wonderful eight years as president I will now have time to share my thoughts to the world. I lost my research analyst position right before Christmas but get to work until Jan. 15th. Since my job is in the mergers and acquisitions industry things may pick up by April or over the summer so we shall see.

Happy New Year! With 2008 behind us we can only move forward but we must remember to look back to avoid the mistakes made.

How nice of Bush to tell us all that he was buying a new house in Dallas when he leaves Washington. What, the ranch isn't big enough? What a slap in the face to every American going through foreclosure and losing their homes. All because of him and his cronies giving out loans to those who couldn't pay them back.

There's so much more to rant about but I'll have time in a couple weeks.


Mark Ploch said...

Welcome back.

Cousin Linda said...

Good to see that you are back to putting your thoughts on paper ( well, the screen if you know what I mean , which I know that you do) I didn't know that our wonderful President is going to buy a new home after he vacates the White House. He'll probably be keeping the ranch too. As you have stated, what a nice slap in the face but it isn't the first time the American people have been slapped around by him and his cronies.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

If I put my thoughts on paper this conversation would not be happening.
I also learned from my brother that the new neighborhood for George and Laura is considered, ahem, white only.

Tara said...

Happy New Year!
None of it surprises me one little bit, not the ranch, not the white only neighborhood BUT I will be happy to see him go there.

Mike said...

Well it's about time and welcome back! I've been waiting a year to find out your thoughts on the chemically induced Rambo now that the movie is in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Between the Botox, HGH, and Testosterone, I thought he looked more animal than human even at 61. But maybe that was just the Rambo thing and not all the chemicals.
Since 'W' has already ruined the Rangers and a country, if I'm the Cowboys or the Mavericks, I'm getting out of town!

Cousin Linda said...

I said " on the screen for your thoughts / not on paper / so the conversation continues. Is that a run-on sentence?