Wednesday, January 7, 2009

None of our business

Today families are encouraged to be open and communicate with each other. I like it.

The other day my aunt Monica, dad's sister, calls my mom and mentions how my brother was asking her all these questions about the family lineage on that side of the family. He's taken up a family tree initiative for some reason.

Now my mom and aunt are in their early 70's and basically have no information on anybody who precluded their parents. My mom and I chatted about this and came up with a possible reason why.

It was none of their business. I'm sure many relatives were illegal back in the day and the less people knew the better. Now we know everything about everybody but before the 1920's good luck.

I wonder how much my 100 year old grandma really knew.


Mark Ploch said...

You know my mother?

Mar said...

Oh no, Mark, he even resembles her!

Seriously, I've heard the same thing about my hubby's family who came here in 1913 from Poland. No one knows about the grandparents' past life there or family members left behind. Spooky!