Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Twinkly lights

I love Christmas lights. It's always exciting to see the first lights of the season. Of course it's sad when the lights start coming down house by house, and before you know it the neighborhood is dark.

Now though people put up lights for all the holidays and special days like Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc. I never see lights for my birthday. That is bothersome. Overall I have no problem with people putting up lights. There's usually a lull between events so it's ok.

Until yesterday. The lady across the street from me, in what seemed like one giant swoop, removed her twinkly Christmas lights and within a blink of eye had put up her Valentines Day lights. C'mon, it's ok to leave the Christmas stuff up a couple more days. I still have Christmas cookies to eat. Poof! The holidays are over.

Thing is this lady will be missing out on inauguration day. She'll be mad when she sees my life sized Obama and Biden moving figurines lighting up the yard with "Hail to the Chief" blaring through the night. I'll show her.


Mark Ploch said...

There's more cookies left!

Tara said...

lmao Where so I get myself some of those figurines?