Thursday, February 5, 2009

More wasted taxpayer dollars

Plane takes off.
Pilot reports that birds fly into engines.
Engines shut down.
Pilot tells tower he will be landing in Hudson River.
US Airways decides that's $25 extra per passenger.
Plane lands relatively smoothly in river.
Emergency slides deploy, $15 fee.
Passengers and crew escape virtually unharmed.
Everybody on the wings, $10 extra, waiting for rescue boats.
Plane is towed to a dock, $10 fee.
Eventually the plane is moved to a harbor/hangar for inspection by NTSB.
They find bird remains in both engines as the pilot reported that day.
Black box indicates the same.

Today the NTSB releases tapes from the tower. The NTSB says it will have answers in 12 to 18 months on what happened.

Let me save a lot of money here. Unless these were Al Qaida quail or Taliban turkeys here's what happened. A bunch of birds got sucked into the engines shutting them down forcing the pilot to land in the Hudson River.

He saved 155 passengers and crew on the plane and many more people on the ground in New Jersey.

My question. Why does the NTSB need a year or more to figure out what happened? This seems like another waste of money.


bill said...

it always seems to be the way with the airlines. they stall until its out of the news cycle. i always thought that was the real purpose of the "black box".

Scott Plocharczyk said...

The thing is the pilot explained exactly what happened. We all know what happened.

But, the NTSB needs 12-18 months to tells birds got in the engines.

This is where all our govt. agencies need to start taking a more common sense approach to spending. Millions can be saved on this accident alone.

Tara said...

But think of all those government people who wouldn't get paid for nothing if they couldn't spend months examining feathers. Maybe they want to know if it was a terrorist bird, question his friends....

Scott Plocharczyk said...

There are dodo birds involved for sure