Saturday, February 7, 2009

No more double standards

The past week we have heard how Jessica Simpson has gotten so fat. When you look at the pictures she has gained weight without question. To say she is fat is ridiculous. She still looks sexy any which way you look at her. If Tony Romo wants to dump her because she's fat she's welcome at my home anytime.

The media chastises women celebrities on their looks daily. It's not fair at all. Women are much too thin and picking on their weight must stop.

I think it's time for the media to start scrutinizing the male celebrities and their weight. First example, Val Kilmer.

This man has turned into a whale and should be ashamed. He must enjoy the buffet table a great deal. Why doesn't the media attack him?


Anonymous said...

It's part of being a celebrity. If they can take the good then they have to take the bad, double standards and all!

Scott Plocharczyk said...

But the men never get hit on it

Mark Ploch said...

I'm not sure whose pregnant, Val or Jessica.

Anonymous said...

In celebrity world, a lot of times things like this are put out there to get a person back into the spotlight. Drunk driving, drug use, and rehab all have been used for this purpose.
Wait and see, soon you'll see in the tabloids "Jessica fights back" and she'll have dropped the extra weight. Then she'll have a new CD out that people will all know about because of all the cheap publicity. That's entertainment!

Tara said...

How very nice to read your post, and I do mean that.

As a parent of a little girl I find it sickening that they are labeling a size 6 as fat, piggish, obese, cow, disgusting and all the other colorful words I've seen pasted over that picture.

I think she looks terrific, perhaps a bit more healthy and realistic. The average woman is a 14, by all means she is still less than half that. What a great message stories like this send our kids.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Thank you Tara.

Celebrities or not, women are just held too high to attain perfect looks. Certainly their is and should be a standard we all need to have in being healthy.

In my examples Kilmer is disgusting but there is no outcry from the media. Jess looks great, not that belt, and the media is sending her to Jenny Craig